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Located in the heart of the business district of Fontvieille in the Principality of Monaco, ''THE OFFICE Business Center'' is pleased to invite you in this all-new adventure.


The three co-founders of THE OFFICE have turned a wonderful space of 500m2 into a unique atmosphere where  you will never see your workspace the same way.



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Benoit Biancheri

Benoit, one of the founders of "THE OFFICE", holds a Master degree in contract law and completed a doctorate of law.

After having spent several years abroad, Benoit is always looking for new projects and intends to bring all his dynamism and legal knowledge to the members of the "THE OFFICE".


His network and ability to innovate will allow the institution to acquire a solid foundation and to better support to the members of THE OFFICE.

Olivier Blanchy

Olivier, one of the founders of "THE OFFICE", holds a Master degree in Economics and Management of Public and Private Institutions and graduated from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers - Institut of Construction and Housing (property law).


Having worked for the Government of the Principality within the Business Creation Department, Olivier brings to THE OFFICE all his expertise and know-how, particularly in corporate law.


His human qualities and knowledge of the economic and administrative sphere of the Principality will not fail to satisfy the ever more specialized and demanding clientele.

Arnaud Sbarrato

Arnaud, one of the founders of “THE OFFICE”, holds a degree in Management of Corporations and Administrations together with a Master in Macroeconomics specialised in International Finance.


As a former Senior Administrator in charge of Financing and Developing the Economy at the Economic Expansion Direction for the Government of Monaco, his expertise in finance is a significant asset for "THE OFFICE" community.


Very attentive to the issues related to companies and thanks to his knowledge of the economic and administrative sphere of Monaco, Arnaud can assist you in the development of your business.



The Office

L'Albu, 17 Avenue Albert II, 98000 Monaco 

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The Office

L'Albu, 17 Avenue Albert II, 98000 Monaco 

Tel: +377 97 77 62 22 Port: +336 40 35 48 12

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